First Blog Post


‘You can use this space to post about why you are starting this blog’ So yes, I think that is exactly what I will do.

Just recently relocated from my hometown Hereford to Aberdeen (Again). It’s pretty far to come and a pretty big change even if I have made the attempt before. Same reason as the last, I followed my heart and made the move to join my other half.

It’s scary, having to start over. Currently unemployed and having very little friends. Those we have are his but that’s to be expected.

This Blog is for myself, I’ve never really done this kind of thing before but I’m excited. It’s nice to be able to just express yourself and share ideas. Heaven knows if anyone else would even be interested in what I have to say or ideas in which I have to share.

I’ve done some travelling and many more trips planned ahead, so I will be posting a fair deal about all of that. So far, most of my trips have been in Asia but by this winter, I’m looking to spice it up and visit a different region of the world.

My Fashion knowledge isn’t always on top form but I do have a textile degree, so I’m hoping this blog is going to get me back in touch with my creative side again and share with you some craft ideas.

There’s not a lot more to say at this moment. So I’ll be taking some time to think about how to get the ball rolling.

For now, Happy Thursday!



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