Bali- It really was Paradise


Bali, one of Indonesia’s most well known islands. It really does have something for everyone. The island host a varied landscape of hills and mountains, ridged coastlines and beautiful beaches ranging from white to black sand.

Surfing and diving are a popular choice when visiting the island. Whatever your level of surfing, there are waves for everyone, even those (like myself) who are just starting out. Same goes for diving, no matter what level of diving experience  you have, it really can be enjoyed by everyone.

Bali attracts all kinds of visitors, ranging from backpackers, romantic getaways and the super rich. There’s a massive range of accommodation.

We visited Bali based on our love of sun, surf and sea. It definitely did not disappoint. Flights were cheap enough and the duration wasn’t too bad. Our visit took place over Christmas and New Years. For Bali, this is during their wet season. It did rain but mainly during the night, by which time, we were already in bed. By the morning, it was dry and sunny.


Our first visit was to Canggu. A costal village. Although the beach was not walking distant  from where we stayed, it was easy enough to get to on rented mopeds. You can hire them with or without surf racks. If carrying a surfboard, like we were, I’d recommend requesting a rack, it just made everything, a lot easier. If you’re not comfortable with driving a mopped, there are many taxi services including uber.

We spent most of our time on Echo beach. It can get rather busy throughout the day, depending on the surf. All in all, there were always waves. Personally, I found that this was the best place for beginning to surf as there were no reefs. Even though the waves weren’t always clean, it was great for practising to stand on white water.


Adam happens to be a lot better at surfing than I am 



After Canggu we ventured to Balian. We were meeting up with a friend who loved to base himself there. For those considering Balian, let me tell you, unless you are there to surf, there really isn’t much else there. Sadly, I fell ill during our time there, heat exhaustion and food poisoning which saw me bed bound for a good couple of days. Luckily, we were staying at a rather nice place so I was comfortable. Our accommodation over looked the beach and was a very short walk across the road to get to. Ideal for Adam as I laid in bed all day. When there was no surf, we did have to venture to nearby beaches.


Next stop was Ubud! Very different from what we’ve seen and experienced so far on our trip. But I’m going to stop here before this blog post becomes an essay on Bali. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Ubud, it deserves it’s own blog altogether! And I can’t wait to share it with you on my next post.


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