I’ll stick to the Zip Line


Bucket lists, Im sure like me, most of us have a bucket list, we’ve never written it down physically but it’s up there. We have it in our heads, a list of things we want to do and experience before we leave this world.

When I was young, I loved the outdoors, I loved challenges and I loved anything that gave me butterflies. I’d make my siblings take me onto the big scary rides and I’ll climb to the top of the climbing walls and suddenly let go. My point is, from a young age, I’d always had this idea of seeking adventure. I added thrilling events to my bucket list, and a bungee jump became one of them.

I couldn’t wait, I’ve heard people tell stories and their experiences. New Zealand, Australia. Me, on the other hand, I went with one in Thailand during my travels in Asia. It was a small one and probably not as appealing, the view I am sure did not compare either.

But, it was the experience I was after, the leap, the free fall and the adrenaline. I was excited, I watched a couple of girls before me, it looked fun.

Long story short, Never Ever Again. I got to the top of the tower, the straps around my legs were tight and restricting, the rope was heavy and pulling on me. I found it almost impossible to actually let go. My stomach tightened and I felt sick. I wanted to climb back down but knew I couldn’t. I panicked, the guy at the top calmed me down, told me to breath and that he would help me. I asked is he was allowed to push me, he laughed but knew I was being serious.

He put his hands onto my waist and said on the count of three, I’ll give you a little help. Next bit was blurred, not sure if I made the leap or if he shoved me. Most likely a little bit of both. Not sure if he ever counted.

The images were unflattering, not how I imagined I’d look doing a bungee jump. All the images on the internet of people jumping all looked so cool. I looked like a doll on a piece of string being jerked about.


I didn’t like the feeling of free falling, I just felt so out of control, I wasn’t able to control how I fell and my arms waved frantically at first until I could relax and put them slightly more together. As the rope reached the end of it’s stretch, I was waiting for the rebound.Β That in itself was just as bad, the bounce back up and down until

Once it was all over, I was relieved. Instead of feeling the adrenaline rush afterwards that so many people talked about, I felt rather numb. I did not know how to process the experience. I just knew that it was well and truly ticked off my list.

It’s a shame as I would have loved to have tried out the ones in New Zealand and Australia. My biggest regret, wasn’t the bungee jump but that if I had known that I would most likely only ever do one in my life, that I had chosen a better location for it.

So from now on, I think I’ll be stick to the Zip Wire.



One thought on “I’ll stick to the Zip Line

  1. Zip lining in New Zealand is definitely the way to go! I wrote about this in my post πŸ˜ƒπŸ» Bungee jumping holds no appeal for me- looks truly terrifying! πŸ˜ƒπŸ»


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