Exploring Dubrovnik


All inclusive holidays are great, we aim to do one a year. It’s simple, everything including flights, transfers, accomadtion, food, drinks, entertainment are all organised for you. You could do it without speanding any extra money than the package you paid for. 

But a week of sunbathing, eating and drinking can get a little tedises when you’re only in your mid 20s surrounded by mostly retired couples and families. So we like to add activities and sight seeing to our list. 

Croatia has so much to offer but can be restricting if you’re not backpacking it so picking a good location is key. We’ve chosen Cavtat as it’s quite but transport are easily accessible. We can explore Cavtat old town, very small and cute by foot and enjoy the beautiful coastline. 

Dubrovnik is a 45mins boat journey costing 100kn working out to just over £10 for a return. Cheaper option is the bus, 50kn for a return. Not much difference in duration of the journey, which is around 50mins to an hour. We’ve chosen the boat ride as we wanted to see the view of the coastline. 

The boat drops you off right on the harbour outside of the city walls. Transport to and from runs regularly so once you’ve had enough, the wait back is never long. 

Dubrovnik has a lot to offer, history and culture tours including a very popular games of thrones tour. You can take a tour around the city’s wall or get a cable car up above the city. The main square is buzzing with restaurants, cafes and shops. 

But the lovely thing is that there are many stair ways off the square, taking you up to hidden cafes and on one side beach access. 

My recommendation is doing the city wall. As you’re higher up and can see the whole city from slightly above. The walk can be challenging in the heat as it does take up to 2hours. Longer if you’re constantly stoping for photographs and rest. There are a couple of restaurants and cafes along the way but thats a more expensive option. So make sure you have plenty of water with  you and enough sun screen on. Snacks would also be a good idea however we did the walk after making sure we were fed and energised. Another thing to point out is that you go to the toilet before! There were no more than a couple along the way unless you’re buying something from one of the restaurants. 

The walk really is beautiful and the views are incredible. 

After the walk, I would recommend taking a much needed rest. And what better way to do so than by having a splash in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. 

We headed out towards the harbour and walked around the outside of the wall where we came across a rock spot perfect for sunbathing and access to the water. When looking at a map of the city, these spots are referred to as a ‘beach’, it’s really just a sea access. These spot offend include showers which is always a bonus! 

So remember to pack your swimwear and a towel! Because trust me, you’ll want the swim at some point during your day of exploring in the heat. The crystal clear water is always so inviting. 

The day was finished with an ice-cream and boat ride back to our hotel where we could enjoy dinner and watch the sunset. 

I haven’t gone into as much detail of this day trip as I would have liked, it’s a very brief recommendation. So feel free if anyone reading has any questions or would like more details. 


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